Oscommerce Form Builder

Omnistar Form Builder 3.1

Omnistar Form Builder 3.1: The Omnistar Form Builder software is a dynamic web form builder software. Omnistar Form Builder is a web based form builder that allows users to create web site forms. Our solution is the best form builder because it includes an email marketing feature that allows businesses to send html emails to their users. Omnistar Form Builder also allows web owners to collect files and documents from users. In addition, Omnistar Form Builder is easy to integrate into any web site design. Our software is already used by thousands.

osCommerce Content Management - Proforma 1.0: Proforma is a form creator and content management system for osCommerce.
osCommerce Content Management - Proforma 1.0

osCommerce webpage. Set up your new content unit by assigning it values which will govern how it is listed in Proforma and displayed in your osCommerce store. You will then be able to add new content using the full featured text editor which allows text styling, form creation and image insertion. Create a new position by naming it, then pasting a line of automatically generated code into your webpage where you want the content to appear. Once deployed

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Arclab Web Form Builder 4.0

Form Builder makes it easy to create HTML/php forms and email the form submission as Text, HTML or XML. The HTML web form generator supports single- and multi-page php forms with autoresponder and file uploads. Create your email contact form, support form or custom mail form right away on your own PC and upload it to your web. The visual workspace lets you fill the web form with all types of input fields, static elements and custom code. Arclab Web

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ApPHP FormBuilder 2.0.1: ApPHP FormBuilder is HTML form builder PHP script
ApPHP FormBuilder 2.0.1

FormBuilder is an easy-to-use HTML form builder script that provides simple and flexible way to create HTML forms and also validate different types of fields, using embedded Data Validator. You can easily add text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, single select boxes, text areas, buttons and many other form elements. Each field type has options which help to setup its view and validate submitted value with wide range of settings. Form checks text

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Vivienne Balonwu Form Builder 1.0: Vivienne Balonwu Form Builder. Build a form that allows visitors to submit info.
Vivienne Balonwu Form Builder 1.0

Vivienne Balonwu Easy Form Builder. Quickly build a form that allows visitors to submit information to you, create your own one that has all the fields that you require - setup an unlmited number and you can make it so they are validated.

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Form Builder script 1.2: PHP uploading form builder with an uploaded files manager
Form Builder script 1.2

If you want to build a fully functional form where your visitors can upload files and submit data, Easy Uploader is the answer for you, Using this script you can build a form with any types of fields you like (text boxes, drop down menus, upload fields and even custom lists for world countries and US stats).Generated form is very customizable, you can select the form style, add a progress bar, or User authentication and much more..

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123 HTML Forms 1.0.7: An advanced Web Form Builder that allows you to create HTML Forms.
123 HTML Forms 1.0.7

Form Builder that allows you to create HTML Forms quickly and easily. You can create an unlimited number of forms with any number of radio-buttons, checkboxes, pull-down menus, text areas, etc. It supports form validation. Form submissions may be sent to multiple email addresses. It can create multi part forms, forms with file upload fields, product/service/price request forms, message and question submission forms, subscription forms, survey forms

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